WIGNERON Jean-Pierre

WIGNERON Jean-Pierre

Directeur de Recherche



INRA Centre de Bordeaux Aquitaine 71 avenue E. Bourlaux

CS 20032 33882 Villenave d'Ornon cedex 05 57 12 24 19




  • Ingénieur SupAéro (ENSAE, Toulouse), 1987
  • Thèse de 3eme cycle, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, 1993

Recherches et compétences

Jean-Pierre Wigneron is a senior research scientist at the Institut National de Recherche Agronomiques (INRA) and Head of the INRA/ISPA remote sensing team, Bordeaux, France. He received the M.Sc./Engineering degree from SupAéro, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (ENSAE), Toulouse, and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Toulouse, France.

His research interests are in passive and active microwave remote sensing of soil and vegetation. He has developed 2-Parameter (Soil Moisture and Vegetation Optical Depth) retrieval methods at the basis of the inversion approach proposed for the ESA/SMOS mission (Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity) and coordinated the development of the L-MEB model (L-band Microwave Emission of the Biosphere), the forward model of the SMOS operational algorithm. Recently, he has coordinated the development of SMOS-IC, an alternate SMOS product of Soil Moisture and Vegetation Optical Depth (VOD) at L-band.

He is currently working on the use of the SMOS-IC L-VOD product, a vegetation index related to the total vegetation water content, to monitor the impact of droughts on both cultivated and natural vegetation ecosystems (Amazon and Congo basins, Sahel, northern and temperate environments, etc.), in the context of climate change.

He is a member of the scientific committee of THEIA (Remote Sensing Data Centre for the continental surfaces, France). He was a Coordinator of remote sensing activities at the INRA Institute (2006-2014) and in the Bordeaux-Aquitaine region (THEIA-ART). He is member of the ESA SMOS ESL (Expert support Laboratory) and CNES/CATDS committees.

He is Associate Editor at Remote Sensing of Environment, 2014



see researchgate (Jean-Pierre Wigneron)

Recent review: Wigneron J.-P., T.J. Jackson, P. O'Neill, De Lannoy, P. de Rosnay, J.P. Walker, P. Ferrazzoli, V. Mironov, S. Bircher, J.P. Grant, M. Kurum, M. Schwank, J. Munoz-Sabater, N. Das, A. Royer, A. Al-Yaari, A. Al Bitar, R. Fernandez-Moran, H. Lawrence, A. Mialon, M. Parrens, P. Richaume, S. Delwart, Y. Kerr, Modelling the passive microwave signature from land surfaces: A review of recent results and application to the L-band SMOS & SMAP soil moisture retrieval algorithms, Remote Sens. of Env., 192, 238–262, 2017.

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